sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

Pbt y Dona

Pebete conoció a Dona. Pebete pensó que Dona era muy apetitosa. Pebete también pensó que Dona tenia muy lindas formas.
Pebete invitó a Dona a pasear por el parque en un día frio de invierno, frio pero con sol (a Pebete los días frios con sol le recuerdan sus días en Rusia).
Dona acepto la invitación y Pebete flasheo en colores.
Pebete y Dona caminaron por el parque. Como estaba muy frío, Pebete abrazo a Dona, Dona sonrió y Pebete también.
Cuando termino la caminata, Pebete acompaño a Dona a su casa. Se despidieron "hasta la vista Pebete" dijo Dona "hasta la vista Dona" dijo Pebete y camino feliz y una vez más, flasheo en colores.

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Juan Carlos dijo...

Here there are so much chances!! I known some lady called Donna. But, She was not a "cold girl" (in fact she was, and I suppose, she is so hot). I said that because Justicer Sandwich - Kid, known some Dona in winter, and winter is so cold in South America.
Whatever, and although you don't believe me, I known to Donna Summer!! And Summer is hot!!
I have with Donna many sky with diamons, It was a happy time for me, we too flashed, like Justicer Sandwich - kid.
I remember when Donna song to me: Ooh it's so good, it's so good
it's so good, it's so good
it's so good
Ooh i'm in love, i'm in love,
i'm in love, i'm in love
i'm in love
Ooh i feel love, i feel love
i feel love, i feel love
i feel love


I was in love some time with Donna too.
See you "Pebete"
The Juan Carlos Mouse

PBT justiciero dijo...

such an amazing and bilingual love story!
I´m flashed with coincidences!
may be, my dona, let say the dona I´m in love with is the same dona you have met, could it be possible?
but, I met her in winter and you met her in summer, that´s why your dona is d summer and mine is d winter
anyway, love is hot and love is in the air

Piccoman dijo...

Apparently, this is an english-speaking post, so I have to do my part. As a matter of fact, I'm not that surprised that PBT have actually met a Donna (we all did in our days), as I'm with the fact that she lived in Russia!!! We learn a little bit more in every post.

PBT justiciero dijo...

My dear Piccoman, Dona had not lived in Russia, PBT had lived there for a while. It was a long time ago...

(I´ll tell a secret, PBT is also known as the zar Pebetev Pebetovich)